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Blockchain, DeFi, and traditional business applications need to send messages to phones as voice calls or two-way SMS messages to anywhere in the country.

Our service allows any application that can perform a cURL command to send a one-way or two-way SMS or a Voice phone call to any phone in the world.

Make a voice phone call or send and SMS using a cURL command from any business or blockchain application

cURL Command To Voice converts text into a voice or an SMS. We then call the phone number or send the SMS message. The message can be sent to any phone in the world.

The cURL command can be a GET request or a POST request. But POST is recommended for production implementations.

A URL example for having a program make a voice phone call  or send an SMS using the  cURL Command To Voice service would look something like this:

Sample URL"this is a test for blockchain making a voice phone call"&Recipients=5551231234&version=2
  • Username: The user name created during the SIgn Up (Always preceded by ctv/)
  • Password: The password used to sign on to the Customer Portal
  • JobType: Text-to-Speech; or SMS; or 2Way SMS; or 2Way TTS
  • Message: The text message that will be converted based upon the JobType: For Text-to-speech, the text is converted to a voice and then played when the recipient answers or left on voicemail if the recipient does not answer. For SMS, the message is converted to an SMS and sent to the recipient’s phone
  • Recipients: The phone number of the recipient. If the number is in the USA or Canada, then the format would be 5551231234. For any number outside of the USA or Canada, specify the country code, like +615551234 or 0011615551231234. If you want more than one recipient, use the | as a separator, for example, 5551231234|5552343456
  • version: Always specify 2

This will work with any business or blockchain application capable of issuing a cURL command, like Chainlink for blockchain applications or just about any programming language for traditional business applications.

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