Error Codes from cURL Command to Voice

This is a List of the most common Error Codes from cURLCommandToVoice.Net with the corresponding reasons for non-delivered messages.

Please contact us for further assistance if the code on your Report does not appear below or if we can be of any further assistance.

Voice (Text-to-Speech) Error Codes

SENT Message was successfully sent.
BSIN Line busy or incorrect number.
MGNC Receipt of message not confirmed.
RJCT The message has been rejected.
ERR Procedural or unknown error.
HNUP Call disconnected by the network or remote user (reason unspecified).
NOLN Problem with phone line. Please check line.
NOAN Phone keeps ringing. Nobody answers.
LDTE Latest Delivery timeout expired.

SMS Error Codes

SENT Message was successfully sent to network.
QUED Message queued for delivery.
FAIL Message couldn’t be delivered, destination unavailable.
RECE Error in destination number, please check the number.
SVRE Error in the Text Message delivery pathway, delivery failed.
BARR Destination opted out or forbidden.
INVN The number is not a valid number. Please check the number and dial again.
BADS The sender ID is invalid.