How cURL Command To Voice Works

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Make a voice phone call or send and SMS using a cURL command from any business or blockchain application

cURL Command To Voice converts text into a voice or an SMS. We then call the phone number or send the SMS message. The message can be sent to any phone in the world.

The cURL command can be a GET request or a POST request. But POST is recommended for production implementations.

A URL example for having a program make a voice phone call  or send an SMS using the  cURL Command To Voice service would look something like this:


Field Details
Version This should be set to “2”.
Username The user submitting the job. ie; ctv/acmetools
Password Password for the user submitting the job.
JobName Standard job name. If blank a standard name will be set.
JobType One of “SMS”, “2 Way SMS”, “Text-to-speech”, “2 Way TTS”.
From Sender id for SMS jobs. Has no affect for TTS jobs. (See FAQs for more information)
Message The SMS content or Text to Speech message for the phone call (TTS).

This is the phone number. If USA or Canada, then the format is just the ten digit number. If the call is not the USA or Canada, then precede the number with a plus (+) sign and country code. If you use this format, enclose the recipient’s number within quotation marks. You can also precede the number with  0011 instead of a plus sign and then you do not need the quotation marks.

You can send to multiple recipients by separating recipient details with a |
eg. “user200, Jane Smith, 9726543211|user201, Fred Jones, +6172123456”
or just: “8175551234|001161123123456”


On success the response will be a string with the job number, and http status:200
On Fail, the response will be a string with the error deails and http status:422 (for data errors)

This will work with any business or blockchain application capable of issuing a cURL command, like Chainlink for blockchain applications or just about any programming language for traditional business applications.

Get Job Details


Field Details
Action This field must be set to “JobDetails”
Username Must be the job owner, or their admin/agent. eg, “adminlogin”
Password Password for the username above.
BroadcastID Broadcast ID for the job in question. eg. 12345678
Page The page of results to return. 1 is the first page.
PageLength Length of each page of results. Default page length is 100, Maximum page length is 1000