How cURL Command to Voice is priced


When you Sign Up to the service, you automatically get $5.00 USD of usage free.


  • No credit card is required until you exceed the initial $5.00 of free usage
  • No monthly activity equals no monthly charges
  • No monthly fees or minimum fees


Usage Pricing

Pricing is easy:

  • Voice (TTS): $0.08 USD for the first minute. You will be charged just for fractional minutes above the first minute. No charge at all if the call is not successful.
  • SMS: $0.04 USD for each 140 character message. If you do a ‘two-way’ SMS, then the reply message is free. No charge at all if the message is not successfully sent.


Your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis for any usage you had that previous month.

The secure link for storing your credit card is in your Welcome Email from when you originally subscribed. Otherwise, contact us and we will send you the secure link again.

if you do not send any messages in a month, then you will not be charged.